5 Reasons why you should include Uganda to your vacation bucket list- opined from a vantage point

Going on safari has been your lifelong desire. You have saved for your dream destination- Uganda paid up and all is set to go. There is however tiny details your tour operator may not have told you that if left out, then you have missed the real pudding. Here we go;

1. Uganda is the world’s friendliest country: Here is one country you get to and right from the airport all you get is smiles. Even the Anti-narcotics Police will greet you with a smile. And nobody has been coached to do that but its just the people. A genuine happy people always warm to visitors.

2. Uganda is the “weather capital of the world”: Just like you have New York and London famous for finance and capital markets and Italy for Fashion and Paris being Romantic, Kampala presents itself as a city that if you forgot to pack warm clothes you wouldn’t mind it a second for obvious reasons save for those going gorilla tracking or mountain climbing.Here the sun shines 365 days a year and never shies away. Even when it gets chilly foreigners prefer going out with a light tee shirt on because the weather is simply too good to be true.

3. The Ugandan pineapple is a MUST!: If you don’t taste the Ugandan pine apple then you haven’t been to Uganda. Whoever is your tour guide ensure you get to taste a the pineapple plus as many fruits as you can. Most of it is grown organically and you will be amazed at how the staple food here grows effortlessly,

4. The Boda boda (motorcycle taxi) is a thrill to be enjoyed by every visitor who comes to Uganda. Whether its in the countryside or right in the heart of the city, this adrenaline riser will leave you fonder memories than of anyother city in the world. Just make sure to get a helmet and all will be fine. It definitely should be on your tour itinerary of Uganda

5. Gay people aren’t harrassed in Uganda like western media portrays it. Like in my first pointer I must emphasise that this grouping of people called Ugandans are by far the most hospitable and respectful people I ever came across although when pushed to the wall feedback is provided. The governments position is banning the promotion of gay activities publicly.

See you anywhere along the Equator within area code 256



baby rhino Uganda

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Conservationists, environment and wildlife enthusiasts received the news of the birth of a new female rhino at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary with excitement at the weekend, saying it will offer an opportunity for tourists to see the ‘Big Five’ animals.

These include elephants, lions, buffaloes, rhinos and leopards. The birth of the rhino is a boost to the restocking of the animals that were declared extinct in 1983 in the country.

The management of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, where the animals stay, broke the news of the birth of the baby rhino named Uhuru, a Swahili word meaning independence.

Seven healthy babies have been born since June 2009, according to the management, bringing the current number in the sanctuary to 13. “This will not only offer an opportunity for tourists on safari to experience the Big Five in Uganda but also trek these magnificent mega herbivores,” Ms Angie Genade, the executive director of the Rhino Fund Uganda, an NGO that oversees the multiplication of the animals, said.

Ms Genade said the new baby was born to Nandi, a female rhino donated by Disney Animal Kingdom and Taleo a male rhino imported from Solio Ranch in Kenya. The baby rhino is in good health. Ms Genade said the Rhino Introduction Programme plans to release the newly-born animals back into the country’s national parks.


The Trek Safaris team has put together three choice activities for your Easter fancy at very good rates. The three day getaway is slated for 29th to 31st March during the Easter break.

1. 3Day Cruise

This involves a romantic getaway to the West, with a chance to see some of Uganda’s wildlife, taste western cuisine from the people that cook it best, and dance in their cultural pride.

The Western Circuit
The Western Circuit

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East Africa Shines Bright at ITB Berlin Exhibition

the Western Circuit
the Western Circuit

Burundi topped followed by Kenya and Rwanda coming in as second and third, and Uganda taking fifth best exhibitor in Africa at the annual ITB Berlin 2013 Travel and Tourism Exhibition, a world leading travel trade show.

The theme of Uganda was “Uganda the Pearl of Africa, your Eco-Tourism Destination”. The Minister for Tourism and Antiquities, Ms Maria Mutagamba, said Uganda’s attraction, based on inquiries, were Gorillas in Bwindi Forest, the climate in Kibaale District and wildlife in Kidepo and Queen Elizabeth National Parks.

Also, the Ndere cultural dancers are said to have pulled crowds.Ms Mutagamba said the country was working on a programme to extend its tourism beyond nature to include culture and medicine.

“We have to improve on certain things like cleanliness and the road network. It looks like we have left cleaning our country to God and yet when tourists come, they want to see and visit clean places,” Ms Mutagamba said.

ITB Berlin exhibition is an annual event. In 2011, Uganda received more than a million foreign tourists and the tourism industry is said to be growing at 21 per cent annually and the German market growing at 10 per cent with more than 8,000 Germans having visited the country in 2011.


Well not really. We just thought we might tickle your imagination. But more to the truth is that a recent partnership between Kajjansi Aero Club (Fly Uganda) in Kajjansi, the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT) has made it quite easier for sky lovers to access the islands in under twenty minutes, less than it does on water.

One of the helicopters of Fly Uganda
One of the helicopters of Fly Uganda

The helicopters are licensed to carry a maximum of four passengers at a return fee of $980 for four inclusive of access to the island. Previously the island was serviced by boat and motorised vehicles.



German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Opening Ceremony
German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Opening Ceremony

One of the biggest tourism and travel exhibitions worldwide is now under way. The 47th ITB-Berlin trade fair has registered over 10,000 exhibitors from 188 countries, Uganda being one of them. Indonesia is the partner country this year round and has 120 exhibitors representing her. ITB in full is Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin (German for International Tourism Board). An equivalent in Uganda is UTB – Uganda Tourism Board.



It is with great pride that we announce our new partnership with Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge, one of the best lodges in Western Uganda. It is situated on the shores of Lake George in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Muhokya sub-county, near Kahendero Fishing Village. So for those of you who are lovers of Gorillas, this is place to pitch camp as you prepare to take on the adventure of tracking man’s closest relative. It is equiped with excellent room service and a swimming pool with the beautiful scenery of wildlife as the sunset kisses the trees.

the homely cottage
The homely cottage