5 Reasons why you should include Uganda to your vacation bucket list- opined from a vantage point

Going on safari has been your lifelong desire. You have saved for your dream destination- Uganda paid up and all is set to go. There is however tiny details your tour operator may not have told you that if left out, then you have missed the real pudding. Here we go;

1. Uganda is the world’s friendliest country: Here is one country you get to and right from the airport all you get is smiles. Even the Anti-narcotics Police will greet you with a smile. And nobody has been coached to do that but its just the people. A genuine happy people always warm to visitors.

2. Uganda is the “weather capital of the world”: Just like you have New York and London famous for finance and capital markets and Italy for Fashion and Paris being Romantic, Kampala presents itself as a city that if you forgot to pack warm clothes you wouldn’t mind it a second for obvious reasons save for those going gorilla tracking or mountain climbing.Here the sun shines 365 days a year and never shies away. Even when it gets chilly foreigners prefer going out with a light tee shirt on because the weather is simply too good to be true.

3. The Ugandan pineapple is a MUST!: If you don’t taste the Ugandan pine apple then you haven’t been to Uganda. Whoever is your tour guide ensure you get to taste a the pineapple plus as many fruits as you can. Most of it is grown organically and you will be amazed at how the staple food here grows effortlessly,

4. The Boda boda (motorcycle taxi) is a thrill to be enjoyed by every visitor who comes to Uganda. Whether its in the countryside or right in the heart of the city, this adrenaline riser will leave you fonder memories than of anyother city in the world. Just make sure to get a helmet and all will be fine. It definitely should be on your tour itinerary of Uganda

5. Gay people aren’t harrassed in Uganda like western media portrays it. Like in my first pointer I must emphasise that this grouping of people called Ugandans are by far the most hospitable and respectful people I ever came across although when pushed to the wall feedback is provided. The governments position is banning the promotion of gay activities publicly.

See you anywhere along the Equator within area code 256


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East African Tour guide based in Uganda. Passionate about disclosing Uganda's best kept nature secrets to tourists from all over the world

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