Uganda Revists History with David Baker

Murchison Falls renamed from Kabalega Falls 149 years ago
Kabalega National Park renamed to Murchison Falls 149 years ago

Sir Samuel Baker one of the most famous explorers of all time, and not particularly favoured by Queen Victoria for his relationship with Lady Baker is making History again in Uganda. His great grandson David Baker through the Royal Geographical Society organised by Juliann Monroe Fishers has made his way to Ugandan soil.

Sir Samuel Baker 1821-1893
Sir Samuel Baker 1821-1893

The last time Samuel Baker stepped in Uganda, it was to discover the mysterious water body that Speke and Grant had told him about on their encounter at Gondokoro. His will to discover this mystery led him to the foot of the falls which he named Murchison, and that earned him the right to be knighted at a time when explorations and discoveries were glorified in the Victorian era. A school was erected in his name, Sir Samuel Baker College in Gulu during the period that he reigned under the Ottoman Empire to form the Equatorial Province.

The Albert N'Yanza, A journal written by SIr Samuel Baker
The Albert N’Yanza, A journal written by Sir Samuel Baker

Now David Baker his great grandson is back to retrace those historical steps. He arrived on January 18th 2013 and has even included readings from the great Sir Samuel Baker’s journal that he shares with his travelers, at the various stops he makes. Julian Monroe Fisher from the Royal Geographical Society(RGS) has organised the Great African Expedition.

david baker
Mr. David Baker (R) and a colleague at the Royal Geographical Society in London 2012

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and the Ministry of Tourism were pleased to host David Baker and have acknowledged that such trips will be used as strategic methods to boost Tourism in Uganda. Perhaps expeditions could be another alternative that should feature in Tourism packages for lovers of History that simply want to relive the entire discovery experience.


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